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Programmming mostly requires skill full and practical tricks, tips, ideas. Software development is an activity which deals with finding solution to a given problem. While solving a problem, some one will get some idea and would like to share them after they make use of these ideas successfully.

Here, we are trying to help programmmers each other by, sharing the ideas and tips, which they got when they tried to do something.

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Tip #1

For correcting the MS - Access error in ASP "Operation requires an updatable query" In Windows Explorer, Tools > Folder options > select "View" tab. Scroll down in "Advanced settings" And remove the "right" mark of "Use simple file sharing" and click Apply and then Click Ok to close the window. Next select the drive where you have kept the access file and right click to get an popup menu. then select properties. next select Security tab and select Every One and put Right mark on "Full control" and click on Apply and then OK.

Tip #2

For Transfering Contacts from one SIM to Another use this tip. First Insert SIM 1 into Mobile's SIM slot In Contacts, you will get a option called copy or similar like option. Select it, and then select "SIM to Phone" It will copy every contacts from SIM1 to mobile. Now, remove SIM 1 and insert SIM 2 Now, select the "Phone to SIM" option to complete the copying process of copying contacts from SIM 1 to SIM 2 Note : You can select "Move" option for "Phone to SIM" operation instead of "Copy" option, in order to erase the contacts from Phone as soon as it is copied from Phone to SIM.

Tip #3

Problem: In photoshop, Do you feel your Mouse pointer for any tool looks abnormal ? Solution: Switch off Caps Lock on your keyboard, now you can get rid of wierd cursor....

Tip #4

If you get an error like ADODB.Recordset error '800a0bb9' Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another. then you need to put <!--#include file="" --> in the ASP… Because, contains pre-defined constants defined in it. Before including inc file, you have to make sure that the file is in the same directory. or else you should specify ".../" ...

Tip #5

For Enabling/Disabling access to USB Pen Drives in your system, Open registry editor by invoking "regedit" command and then navigate through this order HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor Open up the key Start and set 4 to disable the USB port and reboot system. Setting the value to 3 will reenable it.

Tip #6

To Enable disable Auto Run when you insert the Pendrives... Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer Open up the key, NoDriveTypeAutoRun Set the value B5 to disable the auto run and reboot to apply the settings Set the value FF to re-enable the auto run and reboot to apply the settings

Tip #7

Can you create table full of data in Mail merge of MS-Word ? If yes, then leave reading this tip... We can do so by going through step by step wizard and after you insert fields whichever you want from the table, at the end you should take "Next Record" option from "Rules" and go to the next column. Then copy the same thing from 1st cell into all remaining cells.. No need to insert Rows... At the end of this process click next and in the "Complete the merge" page select "To New Document". Thats it.

Tip #8

Always Don't put anything such as Comments etc. in front of <!DOCTYPE> tag. If you put, then <!DOCTYPE> will not work at all, which will produce some unexpected page behavior. The pop down menu's will not work, if you place comment line or some line before this <!DOCTYPE> tag.

Tip #9

In Photoshop, you make things easier by creating groups. Photoshop CS3 allows one to create group. It is just like merge two layers. Create Group and Drag the Layers to drop under the created group. The Group will enable one to move the objects as it is, in the existing layers itself. Merging two layers will create only one layer, which makes editing the second layer impossible.

Tip #10

Problem: In Photoshop while saving a selection, if you can't find current document name in the Document field under Destination. Solution: Go to channels window (Window > Channels) and then delete unwanted channels.

Tip #11

Tired of ads in your google chrome browser? Use Ad block extension, in google chrome, Menu > More tools > Extensions > scroll to end of page, get more extensions, Search for Ad-block extension and install it

Tip #12

You cannot import a database file exceeding a range of 2,048 KB using phpmyadmin. In order to import the same, first you need to create a empty database using phpmyadmin itself, and then login to MySQL command line client and type two commands “use databasename” and “source_filename.sql”. You will get all the tables of the database, in the database which is identified by databasename.

Tip #13

You cannot import a database file exceeding a range of 2,048 KB using phpmyadmin. In order to import the same, first you need to create a empty database using phpmyadmin itself, and then login to MySQL command line client and type two commands “use databasename” and “source filename.sql”. You will get all the tables of the database, in the database which is identified by "databasename".

Tip #14

Problem: Connecting To A Database in visual studio (Windows 64-Bit) Go to Project > properties, Click on Compile Tab, then Click on Advanced compile Options... Find Target CPU, then set it to x86.

Tip #15

Getting Error 800a0e7a “Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.”, in Classic ASP (usually in x64)... in IIS, Click on View Application Pools > Right click on DefaultApppool > Advanced Settings Make sure that Managed Pipeline Mode is set to Classic & Advanced / Enable 32-Bit Applications is set to True, , then restart IIS. ok

Note : You may also submit a tip here. It will get listed after site administrator's approval.

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