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It may be stupid to ask you this question, as you are in front of the computer itself! And perhaps reading this article, that too from the internet!

Anyways, let us see what actually, a computer is, now...

A computer is an electronic programmable machine that takes input and manipulates the input based on the written programs, which is nothing, but, a set of instructions and provides output in the required format.

The computer has got its own language using which it communicates with the user and handles instructions and gives the required output. The language spoken by the computer is known as Binary language or is also called as machine language. This language has only two numbers, 0 and 1. Combination of these two numbers gives special meaning to it and the user will be able to understand the meaning in his required format. Giving special meaning to something is known as “Conversion”. The binary language spoken by the computer is converted to give English characters and boxes and pictures which we are seeing here.

Parts of a computer :

Like our body, which has got different parts, like hands, eyes, mouth, nose, legs, etc., computers too, do have got parts. These parts are divided into 4 sections, just like humans have face, chest, abdomen, arms.

They are,

  1. Input devices
  2. Central Processing Unit box or CPU box
  3. Storage devices
  4. Output devices

Input devices :

As name indicates the input devices used to feed input to the computer by any means. Keyboards, Mouse, Microphones, Scanners and Sensors etc. are the various input devices.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) box :

CPU box or the System box is the actual computer. Without it, it is silly to call the unit as a computer. By my own experience, I have found many people calling the combination of monitor, keyboard, and mouse as computer! But, that’s not so. Monitor, keyboard and mouse will remain dead unless a system box is connected to it.

Technically speaking, CPU is one among the major components in a computer system. It is the activity center for all the operations that are taking place in the computer. It is also known as the brain of the computer system.

Storage devices :

Storage devices are the devices, which are mainly used to store the data in the digital format, on a particular storage medium such as hard disk, CD’s, DVD’s.

Output devices :

An output device is an device that gives output, which is emerged out from the computer, as a result of executing some of the instructions. The output devices are Monitors, Printers, Speakers, and Headphones and so on.

The above said components will form a basic computer. The computer can usually perform complex mathematical calculations within fraction of a second. This feature perhaps makes computers faster than human brain. But, whatever it may be. Human brain is always intelligent than a computer as the computer itself is programmed by human brain!

Now, can you guess a full form for the word " C O M P U T E R " ?...

Calculation Oriented Mechanical Powerful Useful Technological Educational Resource

Author : Pandu Ranga Rao N
E - Mail : pandu2050@gmail.com
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